Esteban and Mayra, let's start with a WebQuest on Philosophies of education.  Your objective - teach people what the philosophies of education are. 

Lizzy and Jasmine, you two will work on a WebQuest for Bloom's Taxonomy. 

Progressive PowerPoint


Ok, so we can upload Powerpoints to Slideshare there - and then simply link to them instead of embedding them.  That's fine, and well within the rules of what a Webquest is supposed to do (people are supposed to quest out from the original site, so it's good to send them somewhere else to do their research).  Liz, you and Jasmine have thought of another way?  Go ahead and test it here.

Look at some examples of Webquests - they start with an Objective or something similar - create a page (call it WebQuest - whatever) and create an objective, like some of the examples you've seen.  Remember, Mayra and Esteban are going to teach Education Philosophies, and Liz and Jasmine are going to focus on Bloom.  Mayra and Esteban - I suggest you look for some online surveys for ed philosophies - that might be a good starting point for students learning them!


Go here to look at some examples of formatting WebQuests.

Here's another place to look