Spring Break March 15-19 2010Spring-Break-Sun


Spring Break didn't feel long enough! I miss the three week breaks we use to have; they gave me enough time to rest and get the energy ready for school the next quarter. One week wasnt enough for me; I came back even more tired. During the break I went to Las Vegas. I waisted a lot of money ^_^ I went on many roller coasters and got sick. I saw a knight fighting show and crazy circus people. I walked a lot along the strip and a lot in the mall :) I won prizes while paying games and got to see an old friend. The many chapels there intrigued me; there are drive threw marriages *gasp*. There are men and women on the streets of Vegas that pass out different things such as card of non fully clothed women and also discounts for shows. It was a fun trip especially since it was Saint Patricks Day and everyone wanted to get lucky.

Question 4 You!

What did you do during Spring Break? Do you like three weeks or one week better?

~Lizzyboo~ 15:24, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

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